Kaleidoscope of Services:

Meeting the Ever Changing Needs of the Insurance Industry


PRO MED is a privately owned insurance service corporation established in Orlando, Florida in 1993. PRO MED collectively has over 105 years of management experience!  PRO MED is focused on developing and implementing programs to meet the needs of the ever changing insurance world. The company originated with a Utilization Review focus, specific to the state of Florida.  Sixteen years later, PRO MED now offers Medicare Set Asides, Cost Projections, Medical Valuations as well as other cost containment programs.

PRO MED is dedicated to reducing costs associated with injury claims.

“PRO MED is not just an MSA company.  Their specialty focus on difficult claims, even those considered to be lost causes, has helped me bring those claims to conclusion.  The MSA service was just icing on the cake.” 
Alicia Lewis,
Complex Claims Examiner  
Oklahoma City, OK