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Medicare Set Aside

Allocation Report: A report following the format mandated by CMS that identifies Medicare covered services and costs that are projected to continue following a settlement of the claim;


CMS Submission:  All documents as outlined by CMS are compiled and submitted for CMS approval of the amount of money projected as needed to satisfy Medicare’s interest.


Effective July of 2009, all injury claims with a Medicare element are to be reported as early into the claim as this information is determined.
  PRO MED provides this reporting service.


Lien Search / Review / Negotiations

“In my workers’  compensation defense practice, Pro Med has repeatedly provided comprehensive and  accurate Medicare Set Aside evaluations which consider Medicare’s interests but  in a practical and cost-effective manner to carriers. This is an important  balance that I believe Pro Med achieves, time and again, in their MSA  evaluations. Furthermore, I have always appreciated the efficiency with which  Pro Med has handles the MSA submission process.”
J. Matthew Mauldin, Esquire
Little Rock, Arkansas

“You exceed all my expectations.  That’s why you’re the best.” 
Frank Pittmann,
Workers’ Compensation Manager,
Toledo Ohio    

 “I use PRO MED for MSAs because of their ability to protect Medicare’s interest without overfunding the MSA; while still getting CMS approval.” 
Tami Viebrock,
Workers’ Compensation Manager,
Cape Coral, Florida

"PRO MED provided excellent service to my client with the successful reduction of a proposed MSA Trust by over 500K.  Their commitment to resolving this issue was outstanding and their relentlessness in dealing with CMS was as impressive, if not more so, than any other similar service provider I have encountered in over a decade of representing employers and insurance carriers.  Contact PRO MED when YOU are considering a change in your Medicare compliance vendor!!"  
Prominent Defense Attorney
Columbia, SC

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