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Medical Claims Analysis

Identifies clarifies and provides medical defenses to refute treatment for unrelated conditions; reduces to appropriate medical treatment within applicable practice parameters; all resulting in reduced exposure and more realistic settlement values. ** Excellent tool to use prior to requesting an MSA


IME Preparation w/Questions

A review of file material to identify issues regarding medical treatment to include specific questions to pose to IME providers, resulting in improved IME responses.


Medical Valuation Review

Provides objective data and medical expertise to help the claims representative in setting reserves and determining settlement value.  Provides options to reduce exposure as well as a high/low range for costs.


Cost Projection

Identifies future medical needs on the non-catastrophic claims; as well as on non-Medicare eligible claimants.


Medicare Set Asides

See Medicare specific page.



Specific to Florida


Florida UR

A process to assure treatment being provided is within applicable practice parameters as mandated by FS 440.13; PRO MED works through the process with the adjuster until the issues are resolved.


Life Care Plan

Identifies future medical needs of the catastrophically injured; offers expertise for testimony.


 “In over 30 years of insurance experience, your thorough reviews and detailed letters to medical providers are the most effective I’ve ever seen.”
  Pat Bullock,
  Workers’ Compensation Manager,
  Denver, Colorado    

 “PRO MED understands how to hold medical providers accountable, setting them apart from others in the field. This approach results in returning medical control to my claims.”
  WC Adjuster,
  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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